Spa World Etiquette

  • Guests with any health concerns should consult a physician before entering the facility
  • Guests who are pregnant should contact their doctors before entering the facility
  • Customers must report to locker rooms based on the gender stated on their government issued IDs
  • Please place used towels and uniforms in the designated baskets
  • No phones are allowed in the locker rooms, please refrain from using them.
  • Smoking is only permitted in the designated area
  • No alcohol nor drugs are allowed in the facility

Bade Area Etiquette

  • Please shower before entering/re-entering any tubs
  • Please shower after using steam/dry saunas before entering the tub
  • Hair dye or chemical hair treatments are NOT allowed in the spa
  • Body oils are prohibited from the dry/steam saunas
  • Please do not wash nor dry your clothes/towels in the spa
  • No bathing suits nor clothing are allowed in the pool area

Poultice Room Etiquette

  • No outside food nor drinks are not allowed (Water bottles are acceptable)
  • Please return pillows and floor mats to the proper designated area
  • Please place trash, empty bottles and paper cups into designated trash or recycle bins.
  • Please return trays from the Juice Bar to the Juice Bar counter
  • Please silence all phones and any other electronic devices
  • Any children under 13 years old must be supervised by an adult over 18
  • Please refrain from loud conversations and noises in all areas of the spa
  • Please refrain from using your cellular device in the dry sauna rooms
  • Please wear the proper uniforms in the facility